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September 1993:

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe asked Romania to amend its legislation so that Article 2000 of the Penal Code will not incriminate homosexual relations.

March 1994:

Amnesty International wrote to the Constitutional Court of Romania urging the abolition of the Article 200 (paragraphs 1 and 4)

September 1996:

Romanian Parliament changes wording of Article 200 from the Penal Code
“Same sex relations shall be punished by 1 to 5 years’ imprisonment if taking place in public places or if causing public scandal.’’

October 1996:

ACCEPT Association is legally registered in Bucharest having as its main mission the repeal of anti-gay legislation

March 1998:

ACCEPT submits to the Ministry of Justice a draft law proposing the wording to abolish article 200 of the Penal Code

March 1998:

Mariana Cetiner, last prisoner sentenced under art. 200, is released by Presidential Decree, one day before President’s Constantinescu state visit to the Netherlands

May 1998:

Romanian Government submits a first draft law to Parliament to modify
the Penal Code, including the abolishment of article 200.

June 1998:

Anti-gay demonstrations in Bucharest.

June 1998:

The Government draft law was rejected by the Chamber of Deputies (lower Chamber of Parliament), missing 5 votes in favour.

March 1999:

ACCEPT nominated by the Green Group in the European Parliament for the Sakharov Prize

May 1999:

ACCEPT awarded “Egalite Prize” at a ceremony at the European Commission in Brussels. Egalite is an organisation of people working in and around European Institutions.

October 1999:

Second Draft Law submitted by the Government to abolish Article 200 of the Penal Code.

October 1999:

ACCEPT and SAR (Romanian Academic Society) seminar at the Romanian Senate on the ACCEPT draft law to abolish article 200.

November 1999:

ACCEPT opens its own headquarters in Bucharest.


October 2000:

ACCEPT hosts the general conference of ILGA Europe - the first international LGBT conference organized in Romania.

June 2001:

The Romanian Government passed Emergency Ordinance no. 89/2001 repealing Article 200 from the Penal Code and modifying the texts of other articles referring to sex related offences in order to eliminate any discrimination based on sexual orientation from the Romanian Penal Code.

October 2001:

The Chamber of Deputies adopted Government Emergency Ordinance no. 89/2001.

December 2001:

The Senate approved the final text (previously adopted by the Conciliation Committee of the Parliament) of Government Emergency Ordinance no. 89/2001

January 2002:

The President of Romania approved the final text of Government Emergency Ordinance no. 89/2001

January 30, 2002:

The final text of Government Emergency Ordinance no. 89/2001 is published in the Romanian Official Gazette, part I no. 65/30.01.2002

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